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Clank + Claws began as a small pencil doodle that depicted a fuzzy monster and a robot. I had intended to capture the way I imagined my relationship if we were both cartoon characters, and after refining the doodle into a digital sketch and adding colours, Clank and Claws were born.

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Claws Character Sheet

Dev sheet for my original character, Claws. Procreate.

Clank + Claws: Watercooler Whoops

A 4-panel comic where Claws puts her paw in her mouth at work. Procreate.

Clank + Claws: Furball

Clank discovers the source of the fuzzies that has been clogging his Roomba. Procreate.

Clank + Claws: Sprinkle Bae

Clank and Claws are decorating cakes from their favourite bakery for Valentines Day, but Clank has gotten carried away with the sprinkles. Procreate.