digital illustration

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Misty Autumn

Original background painting. Procreate using the Ghibli brush set by Madeleine Bellwoar on ArtStation.

The Shallows Environment Study

Final environment study from the film, "The Shallows." I referenced two frames from the movie when creating this piece. Procreate. Process photos available on my ArtStation.

Jolly Sailor Bold

Original visual designs. Procreate using MaxPacks Retro brushes.

Wisteria Gate

Original background painting. Procreate.

Misty Pier

A lighthouse watches over the storybook style misty pier by the sea. Procreate.

Living Room Interior

Original interior painting. Procreate.

Harbour in Sicily

A sunny seaside harbour. Procreate.

Oberon Fairy King

Original background and character painting. Procreate.

Beyond the Bridge

A misty sunrise over a clear forest pond featuring a wooden plank bridge. Procreate.

Line Work

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Little Surfer Mermaid Line Art

Line art for Ariel from Disney's the Little Mermaid as a surfer. Procreate.

Claws Character Sheet

Dev sheet for my original character, Claws. Procreate.

Sailor Character Process

The process of sketch, to line art, to final colour for the two sailors in the final composition for Jolly Sailor Bold. Procreate, and pencil on paper.