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Mahalo for dropping by my new website

As you can see, we are still currently very much under construction! Due to the fact that in my current role I am engaged under a project contract, I need to dazzle at the end of the year with a brand new online portfolio. In the next few months I will be updating my portfolio and trying to bring my scattered online presence together, including starting a professional Insta account so you, good people, aren’t subjected to silly selfies of me and my boyfriend, friends and family, but have access to a carefully curated gallery of eye-pleasing images and a Twitter feed of relevant material.

About this website theme: I found it on the website Creative Market and instantly fell in love! I had to have it. So I bought it and proceeded to to install and begin setting up my new site. However, it appears that now charges for a business account if you want to use your own theme! Outrageous. Of course I began looking into other options, as I was dead set on using my beloved purchased theme by Paper Lotus. I am happy to say that other WordPress options came to the rescue, so I was able to successfully set up my very own WordPress site and use my lovely theme! I am needless to say thrilled that I was able to set up my very own site; I hadn’t had to do it in so long! Now it appears to be full steam ahead, and continue the journey!

Stay in touch with me if my progress, design insights and opinions, and general blog posts interest you!

Mahalo for reading, gentle stranger.