branching simulation

Branching Simulation

“The Many Sides of Beth Forester: A Case Study on Differential Diagnosis” is a POV (point-of-view) immersive simulation designed for the Moodle learning management system (LMS) and developed in partnership with Department of Psychiatric Nursing at Brandon University. Our goal was to provide students with and adaptive learning experience to practice the advanced clinical intake process of psychiatric nursing via a simulated storyline. Interactive video was decided as the method of delivery, and an animated test pilot was created from the first few pages of the peer-reviewed script.


After reviewing the animated pilot, I recommended a change of direction. While the animated characters were appealing, I felt filming an actress for final delivery would better support the both the desired learning and emotional outcomes of the script. This change in delivery required location scouting, creating a shooting schedule, booking parking and catering, hiring local actors for the roles of nurses and patients, and directing our shoot.

Branching scenario storyboard sequence and final simulation design.


The original animated pilot test placed the learner in the role of observer, passively watching an interaction between a patient in crisis and the psychiatric nurse. By making the switch to first person point-of-view, we placed the learner in a much more active role as the nurse. I determined that this shift of perspective would add nuance and increased emotional investment to the learning experience.

H5P simulation animation test

H5P simulation filming storyboard


After receiving a final, approved script from the content author, I created a brief storyboard and design package. These materials were reviewed with both the instructional designer and the content author prior to moving forward with the animated pilot.

For the move to film, I created a new storyboard from the first-person perspective of the psychiatric nurse. This storyboard was then reviewed with the instructional designer and content author, approved, and used as reference by the crew during filming.

Following storyboard approval, I scouted locations, booked and scheduled actors, and arranged catering, in addition to directing the 3-day shoot. During post-production, I edited and organized 108+ video clips for this simulation.


The H5P Differential Diagnosis simulation allows health care students to explore interactive learning paths, practice mental health intake crisis response, and establish effective therapeutic communication techniques while professionally assessing patients living with mental illness, PTSD, and trauma.

H5P simulation final product


Director, Coordinator, Pre- and Post-Production, and QA

Kristy Lacroix

Content Author

Candice Waddell RPN/Ph.D. (c)

Instructional Designer

Sasha White

Camera Operator

Christopher Ellis


Sasha White


Kaitlyn Kriss

Waiting Patient

Paul Long


Software: Adobe After Effects, Audition, Character Animator, Premiere Pro, and H5P.

Material licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Shot on location at the Helen Glass Centre for Nursing at the University of Manitoba.

Catering provided by Aramark Food Services.