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Playing Moodle Games

Hello all, Or, more specifically, building a Moodle crossword puzzle! Honestly, when this request came through for a course I am currently building I was a bit stumped! Since my access to the back end of most of the LMS we build on is limited, I knew I couldn’t just use code to come up …

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A tale of two LMS systems

Hello all, Today I am working from home! I went to the beach yesterday and was pretty burned, and could only wear my swimsuit top this morning which is not quite office appropriate. Luckily my work is very mobile and my workplace is super flexible, so I’m able to get most task accomplished wherever I …

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Mahalo for dropping by my new website

As you can see, we are still currently very much under construction! Due to the fact that in my current role I am engaged under a project contract, I need to dazzle at the end of the year with a brand new online portfolio. In the next few months I will be updating my portfolio …