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A tale of two LMS systems

Hello all,

Today I am working from home! I went to the beach yesterday and was pretty burned, and could only wear my swimsuit top this morning which is not quite office appropriate. Luckily my work is very mobile and my workplace is super flexible, so I’m able to get most task accomplished wherever I happen to be. This morning I happen to be working on building a course in Moodle; usually I work in Daylight/Brightspace and while I was working on my build in Moodle I found myself musing how the two systems are so very different, yet are designed to accomplish the exact same thing! I must say that I do prefer Daylight, because in my current Moodle instance I am unable to upload any css or js pages so all styling has to be done page by page by hand! Changes are ridiculous and take forever, compared to Daylight where I can just log in and make changes to a template. That being said, Moodle does have a very cool new feature.

The institute I am building for recently implemented a tool called H5P, which lets course authors and digital media specialists (like myself) create interactive components for an online course relatively quickly and easily, without the need for a lot of backend code (which is great, because as earlier discussed my Moodle platform is very limited compared to what I have access to in Daylight). I had initially despaired of being able to design interactive quizzes with video, click-to-reveal, drag and drop and other more engaging components but I have to say that H5P has really saved the day here and proved to be an invaluable tool. They also have a ton of tutorials available online, if you are also a designer or teacher looking to spice up your online courses in Moodle. If your institute doesn’t have H5P, I feel like I can’t recommend you get it highly enough. I find that many online courses just follow a textbook format; as in, the instructor uploads a pdf and calls it a course. In my opinion as a designer, this is really doing a disservice to the learners and the online medium itself; we have the capacity, in and online environment, to really build an immersive virtual experience. I would say the goal is make the digital learners feel as engaged as though they are in an face-to-face environment, not just reading a textbook. And in this day and age, just adding a multiple choice quiz isn’t going to cut it. Add video, add activities, build something with your signature that you are proud to be teaching! If online instruction in Moodle is your art form, the internet is your canvas, and I think H5P should be your next tool to try.

Mahalo for visiting,