From Pajamas to Pixels: Navigating the COVID-19 Shift

Greetings, fellow work-from-homers!

It’s Day Four of our homebound adventure, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic safety precautions taken by the University of Manitoba. While the days seem to blend together like one long week, I must admit, I am quite enjoying it. Flannel pajamas have become my uniform of choice, although I promise myself that tomorrow, in honor of Monday, I’ll put on a “real” shirt.

So, due to the need for social distancing, all our current in-session courses are being swiftly moved online. We’ve been diving headfirst into live session workshops, recording videos, and hustling to convert courses as efficiently as possible. It’s a daunting task – digitizing hundreds of courses in just a few weeks—to support upcoming summer offerings. But hey, it’s also exciting! Suddenly, we’re the go-to team, in high demand! Instructors who were once set in their traditional teaching ways are now eagerly embracing (or at least picking up) the technological tools at their disposal.

Of course, transitioning a face-to-face course to an online format comes with its fair share of tiny considerations. Let’s talk about group work, for instance. When professors, accustomed to in-person instruction, assign existing group projects, extra support must be in place to facilitate a successful transition – especially with social distancing in mind. Make sure to reach out to your technology teams, departments, and faculties to explore the available resources for students within the institution to equip professors with the necessary tools and guidance to ensure a smooth continuation of group collaboration.

Remember, friends, moving course content online is only one part of the battle. As we navigate these uncharted waters together, let’s prioritize the safety and well-being of ourselves and others.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and until next time!



P.S. Don’t forget to rock those flannel pajamas when you can!

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