The secret surf beach from the Blake Lively film, "The Shallows."

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 2022

Photo credit: “Shallows” Secret Beach Fanart by Kristy Lacroix

Hey everybody! It’s been months, hasn’t it, and I have had some big life changes (but really, who hasn’t in the past three years?).

I’m no longer with the university and have joined a smaller, but ambitious and fast-paced, company. I truly am enjoying the change and the role is 100% remote, which was honestly a huge factor that finally motivated me to leave my previous role. I loved my team, but it is absolutely needless for a web or digitally based team to be on-site anywhere and I would have been waiting years for the kind of responsibility I was ready to take on. I’m happy that so many companies do seem to be making the shift to support this social change as, under the right circumstances, it does create happier employees with better work-life balance and is ultimately the greener choice as we hopefully move further away from hours of lengthy commutes and over-priced parking if remote offices can really become a norm.

I think of it like instant tellers, or cell phones. There is always going to be initial pushback, but I truly believe the innovation eventually wins out.

I also know I have been slacking on the digital art – I haven’t abandoned it! I did step back and take a break for awhile. We finished the yard, and I have been trying my hand at growing tomatoes, but I do finally think I am ready to get back into Procreate, and maybe even Character Animator. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring! I have been learning project management skills that I am hoping to bring into my own creative projects to motivate myself and manage time better (I am also trying to limit Animal Crossing New Horizons and Stardew Valley time, as the world hasn’t really gotten much better, has it? And it’s so much easier to bury the mind in idyllic fantasy).

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well! Mahalo and thanks for reading, as always.


PS – Eddie Munson forever! <3 Heck yes I’m working on a fanart, keep your eyes peeled on my IG account!