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I’m a Screenplay Finalist!

Photo by Sanaan Mazhar from Pexels

Aloha friends! I don’t usually post about my writing hobby, but this time is a big deal!

To start, I have always loved writing and would love to be a fantasy novelist in the vein of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, with a healthy dose of Margaret Atwood. I also love animation, and my narrative brain seems to be more inclined to storytelling in the form of screenplays. For the last two years I have participated in this amazingly fun screenplay competition online through NYC Midnight, who run various international writing competitions throughout the year. For each round of the competition, the writers are split into heats and given a random genre, subject, and character to create screenplays within strict time limits. Last year, from an original field of 1700 writers, I made it into the second round but did not proceed to the finals. This year, out of an original field of 2600(!) writers, I have made it into the TOP 90! I am a 2020 NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition Finalist!

Can I get a WHOOP?!

For those interested, my screenplays this year were:

R1: The French Disconnection

Political Satire/Innovation/A transcriber (12 pgs., 8 days)

In order to reverse a man-made disaster, a disgraced athlete and
his gifted best friend race to win the class presidency.

R2: The Rubber Duck Runaround

Romance/An Inheritance/A toy maker (8 pgs., 5 days)

When an engagement ring comes with a life-altering secret, will a
surfer agree to a desperate plot in order to preserve the
inheritance of the man she loves?

R3: Sparks Flying

Open Genre (Fantasy)/A disappearance/A trainer (5 pgs., 24 hrs.)

A witch trains her young apprentice to catch and deliver sparks of
creativity. When sparks start disappearing, will the witches be
able to dispel troublesome figments of imagination?

Results will be out August 24th! I can hardly wait. Some of the other competitors have begun sharing their screenplays and the competition is fierce! I can’t wait for my feedback; even being a finalist is surreal! TOP 90! All the best to all the writers.

As always, mahalo for reading!