Lights, Camera, Finalist! My Journey in the NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition

Hello, friends!

I have some sensational news to share with you all. Brace yourselves! For the past two years, I’ve embarked on an exhilarating adventure in the world of screenwriting through the NYC Midnight screenplay competition. If you’re not familiar, NYC Midnight hosts a range of international writing competitions throughout the year that truly put your storytelling skills to the test. Let me tell you, it’s an absolute blast!

In this competition, writers like myself are divided into heats and given the exciting challenge of creating screenplays within tight time limits. We’re assigned random genres, subjects, and characters that serve as our creative playground. Last year, out of an initial pool of 1,700 talented writers, I managed to make it to the second round, but alas, didn’t proceed to the finals. However, this year, hold onto your hats, my friends, because out of a staggering 2,600 participants, I have soared into the prestigious ranks of the TOP 90! That’s right, I am officially a 2020 NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition Finalist!

Round #TitleAssignmentLengthLogline
1The French DisconnectionPolitical Satire/Innovation/A transcriber12 pages in 8 days“In order to reverse a man-made disaster, a disgraced athlete and his gifted best friend race to win the class presidency.”
2The Rubber Duck RunaroundRomance/An Inheritance/A toy maker8 pages in 5 days“When an engagement ring comes with a life-altering secret, will a surfer agree to a desperate plot in order to preserve the inheritance of the man she loves?”
3Sparks FlyingOpen Genre (Fantasy)/A disappearance/A trainer5 pages in 24 hours“A witch trains her young apprentice to catch and deliver sparks of creativity. When sparks start disappearing, will the witches be able to dispel troublesome figments of imagination?”
A breakdown of my submissions for each round of this competition, for those who are curious.

Can you believe it? I still can’t wrap my head around it. The competition this year is fiercer than ever, and my fellow writers have been sharing their incredible screenplays. The talent on display is awe-inspiring! I’m eagerly awaiting the feedback from the judges—it’s bound to be an invaluable learning experience. Being a finalist is already a dream come true. Now, all that’s left is to wait with bated breath for the final results, which will be announced on August 24th. The anticipation is driving me wild!

To those fellow writers out there, I wish you all the best on your creative journeys. Remember, competitions like these are not just about the end result but also about the exhilarating process of pushing your limits and exploring the depths of your imagination.

As always, my dear readers, thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this thrilling ride.



P.S. I write under a pseudonym for this competition, Mary-Margaret Winters, because I was too nervous to use my real name the first year!

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