Playing Moodle Games

Hello all,

Or, more specifically, building a Moodle crossword puzzle! Honestly, when this request came through for a course I am currently building I was a bit stumped! Since my access to the back end of most of the LMS we build on is limited, I knew I couldn’t just use code to come up with a solution and even if I did it couldn’t be graded by the LMS system since it wouldn’t be developed to integrate with the system itself. Mais voila! Our partner institution came to the rescue and installed the Moodle Game plugin at lightening speed (collaboration saves the day, mes amis!). Once it was set up I had to learn how to build the crossword itself, mon dieu. I turned to the Internet, of course, and found out that if I build a wiki with the words my course authors had specified I could like the words to the crossword and the plugin would generate a different layout every time! Plus the learners would receive a grade for the activity, hence it becomes not just a novelty but an assessment as well! I must say that the Moodle plugins are most impressive; if I were able to create a folder system for custom HTML, CSS and Javascript I might be in love, but the way we have to build now I do not. Oh well, I am just grateful that we have the crossword!

Mahalo for spending some time,


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