Four Out of Five Stars

It’s been awhile since my last post, because I’ve been so super busy! I’ve had classes, two writing competitions, and I have also been helping out a friend in every spare moment for almost four weeks, trying to help her get videos ready for a theatrical production she is producing (and starring in).

It was a labour of love; I didn’t charge her, because it was a joy to just be able to unleash myself and do whatever I wanted with the project. It’s a really neat concept, a musical done to a photo slideshow. My job was to juice up the slideshow with animations and effects, and boy did I ever! Twenty-two (!) videos later plus many days spent working my day job only to go home at night and edit until 2 am, and I think I am still catching up on sleep! It was worth it though; our show received a four star review and even complemented my video work! I am very proud of what we were all able to accomplish. And I’m also super excited about the fact that I was able to create embers drifting in the wind; beautiful effect, I now want to add embers to everything.

That’s my quick update; looking forward to finishing my last class of the summer and just re-lax-ing in August.

Mahalo for reading,


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