Literary Dreams: Unleashing the Writer Within

The most difficult and complicated part of the writing process is the beginning.

A.B. Yehoshua

Hello, everyone!

It’s time to cross an item off my bucket list—I’ve resolved to dive headfirst into the world of writing this year!

Writing has always been a part of me, but recently, it took a backseat. As a child, I spun fanfiction tales of My Little Pony adventures, crafted comic books, and even kept a journal where I bestowed fantastic aliases upon everyone I knew. I reveled in the art of penning English essays. Now, with a university Literature class on the horizon, I decided to seize the moment! Before the class even begins, I found myself participating in an unexpected endeavor—a screenplay writing competition!

It all started with stumbling upon an online ad that made me think, “Yes! Let’s do this.” And so, with the first round behind me, I eagerly await the results in June to see if I qualify for Round Two. It has been an incredible journey so far, and I can proudly say I have an 11-page screenplay to my name—a script that will be read by others! The excitement of taking tangible steps toward a literary goal fills my heart. Whatever that goal may ultimately be, for now, it’s all about practice and consistency. After all, consistency is the key to any endeavor, isn’t it?

Mahalo for joining me on this thrilling writing adventure,



Hi, friends! Join me in a joyful dance because I DID QUALIFY for Round Two! Out of over 1,700 international screenplay entries in the first round, I was among the fortunate 300-something individuals who advanced to the next stage!

Can you believe it? My heart soared with delight when I discovered that I placed FIRST in my heat to secure a spot moving forward! And guess what? This was my first writing competition ever, my first time writing a properly formatted screenplay, and my first creative writing attempt since high school!

Though I didn’t make it to the third and final round, the judges provided incredibly valuable feedback. They appreciated my story, character development, and even described my writing style as poetic! However, technical errors held me back (those sneaky clichés, overly flowery language in places, and the occasional surplus of spaces after a period—oops!).

I’ve already entered another competition, this one for flash fiction, and am committed to forging ahead. I won’t give up on my dreams, friends. The next time I enter a screenplay competition, perhaps I’ll make it to the finals!

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